For 3 decades ARC has specialised in workplace-based training and assessment services. While many of our clients are household names, we also work with local businesses in metropolitan and regional centres throughout Australia.


As a specialist RTO, our focus is on maintaining a clear understanding of our industry & client needs. This means developing workforce planning solutions that cater to the needs of the enterprise as a whole, as well as the needs of individual stores and students. We view the client relationship as a partnership, with shared values and a long-term view. A clear understanding of the requirements of retailers and strategies to meet these needs is a fundamental part of our overall business strategy. This necessitates a close collaboration at both industry and enterprise level.

Competency Framework

By linking company goals with team and individual performance, ARC can assist in building a sustainable map of the roles, skills and competencies needed to optimise performance across your organisation.

By clearly defining a framework around the integrated knowledge, skills, judgement, and attributes that your people will be able to better target the learning and development needs of the organisation.

Strategic Workforce Development

We assist our clients in their short, medium and long term workforce development plans.


Through close liaison with your team, we will help address gaps in your team’s current and future performance. By reviewing your current recruitment, attraction and retention, career progression, succession planning, job design, skills, competencies, values and behaviours, KPIs and performance, ARC can assist in building a sustainable learning and development environment.