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Food Safety Supervisor

SIRRFSA001 - Handle Food Safely in a Retail Environment

First Impressions Resources is pleased to offer this unit to your business. You may nominate team members who have the responsibility of applying essential hygiene and sanitation practices in food handling.

This unit covers the full requirements to be a Food Safety Supervisor in the Retail sector and takes a detailed look at what is required to implement safe food handling, storage practices and a food safety program within a retail food environment. Successful completion of the accredited unit “Handle food safely in a retail environment SIRRFSA001” will meet Food Safety Supervisor requirements under the Food Act 2006*.

* Check requirements with your local food safety authorities.

Having completed this unit of competency the student:

  • Is expected to be able to locate and understand the food safety program, know how to test for and correct any breaches

  • Understand how to dispose of waste and contaminated goods safely

  • Maintain a high level of personal hygiene and presentation in the workplace

  • Knowing what to do, and what not to do, in the case of illness.

  • Have the ability to supervise and give directions about food handling in the food premises

  • Has the authority to supervise and direct food handlers

  • Will demonstrate the skills and knowledge relating to food safety and the management of food safety hazards.

  • Will hold a Statement of Attainment of specified competencies (such as the above), issued by a Registered Training Organisation and accredited courses to meet client needs


  • Online training: $90/student ($120 for NSW)

  • Class: $215/student 

  • Class: $170/student (6+ students)

Unit Code


Workplace Delivery


School-based Delivery

Not Applicable

Fee for Service

  • $90 (Online training)

  • $120 (Online training for NSW based)

  • $215 (face-to-face class)*

  • $170 (Class of 6+ students) *


*In NSW there is an additional $30 per student to issue the certificate due to NSW food authority regulations.


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Entry Requirements

Participants must have access to a food workplace environment for conducting assessments and a supervisor within the business who has relevant experience or a qualification in Food Safety to confirm knowledge and skills.