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Innovation & entrepreneurship to deliver creative and effective solutions underpins everything we do.

First Impressions Resources [fir], also known as, The Australian Retail College (ARC) is an award winning Registered Training Organisation [RTO] with over 30 years experience in the delivery of retail qualifications and staff development solutions across Australia.

Established in 1988 ARC is a privately owned RTO that is passionate about supporting retail career development and building workforce capability in the retail sector.

ARC delivers a range of retail and business qualifications from Certificate II through to Diploma. With a team of retail experienced trainers located around Australia, arc is working with some of the country's leading retailers to develop the skills and capabilities of their staff.

We understand that the needs of retailers vary and therefore endeavour to provide a range of innovative and flexible training solutions and delivery models that meet the needs of the individual retailer and staff.

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Our Approach
Our Team
Our Solutions

Our training and development solutions foster:

  • A more productive, efficient and motivated workforce.Improved customer service, reputation, competitiveness and profitability.

  • Greater staff satisfaction via recognition of achievements.

  • Improved ability to attract quality staff and be recognised as an employer of choice.

  • Effective development pathways for team members from diverse background.

  • Increased retention and growth of identified talent

We measure the success of our services by the improvements they create in your performance.

For employers, we drive genuine business growth by embedding the benefits of our learning and development solutions into your organisation. To do this, we ensure our solutions are customised to your business by founding them on an analysis of the capabilities each learner requires to excel in the roles and responsibilities of their actual job.

For learners, we enhance career success and satisfaction by providing the theoretical frameworks to thrive in their daily work functions plus the opportunity to practice and develop practical skills in the real world with additional support and feedback.

We are a small, agile team of highly motivated individuals. We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of retail-specific learning and development solutions; plus widespread retail-industry experience, enabling our solutions to be relevant to the real world. Our internal systems ensure efficiency and good communication throughout our organisation.

We pride ourselves on providing responsive and personalised service. Our commitment to supporting individual needs and achieving quality outcomes for both employers and learners has fostered numerous long-term relationships with leading retailers throughout Australia. We also have strong relationships built on mutual respect with other stakeholders across the VET sector.

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