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School-based Traineeships

Traineeships are a cost effective solution for ensuring that your staff members learn the skills required to do their job effectively and contribute to the success of your business.

Traineeships provide a structured, yet flexible, learning pathway which enables employees to increase their capabilities and upon successful completion receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

Training occurs both on and off the job, with trainees receiving regular contact from our trainers via face-to- face workplace visits, in classroom based workshops or live online.

Based on eligibility criteria there are a range of government incentives for employers and students to take advantage of.

School-based traineeships provide a cost-effective means to ensure that your young casuals excel at work. They also provide an excellent way to attract and retain quality students who want to earn while they learn.


We facilitate the introduction to students and schools, access government funding and deliver customised training. In most cases, School-based Trainees work one school day per week plus weekends and holidays.


Arrangements are flexible to suit the requirements of the trainee, the workplace and the school.

Government incentives are available for employers who engage trainees and meet the selection criteria.


A student undergoing a School-based Traineeship will receive up to 8 Points towards their Year 12 Certificate.

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